Brandon Grasse

"Three Reasons Why I CrossFit"

The Three Greatest Things About

Heatwave CrossFit

  1. The Community!  In my job I work with so many people you tend to make a lot of friends who are very similar to you and do the same work.  At CrossFit you meet all these people from very different backgrounds that you probably would never had met.  Because everyone goes through the same mental and physical struggle you form this support bond.  Plus, CrossFitters are just super cool!  In the mornings I look at it as going to hang out with my friends as much going to get a  workout.
  2. Physical well-being.  I never thought I would be doing the weight I am doing.  I mean, I never even heard of a clean before CrossFit.  I made more progress in a month at CrossFit than I did in a year at a gym doing what I thought was a workout.  I dropped from a 38 waist to a 34 which I wore in high school.  For starting CrossFit at 40 it’s been great.
  3. For the Kids!  I never was exposed to any form of exercise as a kid.  I played baseball and stuff but never hit a weight room.  My kids think doing CrossFit is a normal part of life, mimic what we do and want to participate.  They hear us talk about eating right, working hard, and supporting each other.  They absorb everything great about CrossFit without even knowing it.  They will be more fit than me by Jr. High.

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