Abby Chandler

Coach/Personal Training
Abby Chandler


  • CrossFit Level I


  • WHAT IS YOUR HOME TOWN?  Needles, CA. Go Mustangs!
  • WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE MOVEMENT AND/OR CROSSFIT WORKOUT? I love squatting and the Olympic lifts. But usually anything involving a barbell.
  • ANY ADVICE FOR SOMEONE NEW TO HEAT WAVE CROSSFIT?  We’ve all been the beginner! Everyone you will workout with has been in your shoes and will support you through each of your workouts. We are all on the same team; improving our health!
  • WHAT BROUGHT YOU INTO CROSSFIT AND WHAT KEEPS YOU HERE?  Mitch and Alex consistently asked me to come try it out. Not all peer pressure is bad, people!
  • WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE MOVIE, BOOK QUOTE AND /OR JOKE?  “Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what sets your heart on fire. Because what the world needs more people with their hearts on fire.” -Ben Bergeron
  • WHAT IS SOMETHING THAT THE MEMBERS MIGHT NOT KNOW ABOUT YOU?  I am a Friends fanatic! I have watched all 10 seasons too many times to count. If I were a character from the show I would definitely be Monica.

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